Home Office Overhaul

I’ve had my own home-based business (outside of writing) for more than 6 years now and for most of that time, my desk was located in the corner of a common area. Like the dining room or the kitchen. A fact that made the days when both my kids needed to practice their band instruments so very special.

But you play the cards you’re dealt so it was what it was. Then we moved to our current house which, magically and miraculously, had an extra bedroom that I could claim as my own. Finally, I had a home office. Which, based on this IG post, I had high hopes for.

But the move was stressful, done on a tight timeline and a tight budget, and my office wound up being the only room we didn’t give a fresh coat of paint. It also became the room where we put the furniture that didn’t have any other home. It was functional but I wouldn’t really call it pretty.

Last weekend I made the comment to my husband that my desk wasn’t really big enough and maybe I should get a return for it. That one comment, plus a relatively commitment-free weekend led to a complete overhaul of my space and I AM IN LOVE!


The walls still need painting but now that they are covered by artwork done by family and friends the marks & scuffs don’t seem to matter anymore. And all over the room are personal touches that have meaning and make me feel happy and loved.

This is a space where I can do better work. Both for my day job and as an author.

Today is day one in the new office and I keep looking around in wonder at the fact that I get to work here every day. I am a lucky woman indeed.

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