Can’t Take It Back

Captivating and immersive, Can’t Take It Back is a deeply emotional novel that celebrates the complex bond of female friendships.

Huddled on their favorite park bench in a quiet Seattle suburb, Holly, Avery, Zoe, and Sasha might look like they’ve got it all figured out – but there’s more to their stories than meets the eye.

When Avery’s husband Carter suggests they open up their marriage, she’s shocked and appalled – but could this new arrangement be the breath of fresh air she never knew she needed? Zoe and Aaron, whose connection has long been the standard by which their friends measure their own relationships, feel that their lives are taking them in different directions, but worry over how a divorce might affect their two young boys. Zoe turns to her best friend Holly for guidance, but as it turns out, this year has tested her own marriage to Jake in ways neither of them ever anticipated. And meanwhile, Holly’s sister Sasha – the no-nonsense PR executive and eternally single girl of the group – must decide if joining the ranks of motherhood is the right step for her.

CAN’T TAKE IT BACK is the perfect escapist listen. With a plot full of secrets, lies and delicious twists…I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next.

Ashley Sands, author of “A Terribly Private Club”

It’s a thoughtful, honest exploration of the female friendships that ground us through the ups and downs of life. A great listen for book clubs.

Alison Hammer, author of “Little Pieces of Me” & “You and Me and Us”

A moving story that celebrates how the power of sisterhood & friendship creates the truest bonds. A wonderful, heartfelt narrative.

Samantha Vérant, author of “The Secret French Recipes of Sophie Valroux”

A wonderfully written, complex story about love and friendship with relatable characters that support and uplift each other.

Anita Kushwaha, author of “Secret Lives of Mothers and Daughters”