Audio Excerpts

Get to know the characters (and voices) of Can’t Take It Back in these audio excerpts of all five talented narrators.


Wife to Jake, Mom to Ava & Wyatt, older sister to Sasha and best friend to Zoe & Avery. These are all labels that Holly wears but they shouldn’t define her. Unfortunately after a lifetime spent being something to someone else, Holly has lost sight of what she really wants for herself. And it certainly hasn’t prepared her for what to do when one of those roles is threatened. Fortunately for Holly her sister and girlfriends are there to step in and help.

Narrated by the brilliant Ellen Archer, Holly is fiercely loyal, tenderhearted to a fault and about to learn just how much she can handle.



Avery Hayes always wanted to be a mother. When she and her husband Carter finally conceived twin girls after several rounds of IVF she was thrilled and devoted her life to her family and her work as a freelance writer.

Once her girls started kindergarten Avery’s social circle expanded to include three women that soon became the most important people in her life. Because it’s only with the help of Holly, Sasha and Zoe that Avery is able to figure out what to do when Carter suggests they open up their marriage. At first, she is shocked and appalled, but could that new arrangement be the breath of fresh air she never knew her marriage needed?

Narrated by the talented Elizabeth Evans, Avery is grounded, creative and adventurous. Exactly how adventurous is the question she is about to answer. 



Sasha King is living her best single-gal life as a high-powered PR executive at a top Seattle firm. Time spent with her sister Holly and friends Zoe and Avery always prove her point that motherhood is tough and something she doesn’t have time for.

But as her biological clock keeps ticking away, Sasha starts to wonder if that’s just a story she’s been selling herself. Maybe she is ready to take on the role of mother and who says you need a man by your side to do that.

Narrated by the fantastic Suzy Jackson, Sasha is a sarcastic and straight forward force of nature always ready with a witty comeback or a warm embrace. Depending on the situation.



Zoe’s marriage to high-school sweetheart Aaron has long been the standard by which her friends measure their own relationships. Recently though, she’s starting to feel that their lives are taking them in different directions. Zoe turns to best friends Holly, Sasha and Avery to help her figure out if divorce is really the answer to a question she’s only just beginning to ask.

Narrated by the incredible Gabra Zackman, Zoe is the guiding light for everyone around her. But who will show her the way when her own path goes dark?



With every year that passes, Jake Barber can’t help but feel as though he’s missed out on the best life has to offer. His marriage to Holly is, for the most part, happy. His car dealership is prospering. His kids bring him great joy. But overall, he’d have to say life is just fine.

But then one rash decision starts him on the road to becoming the person he always swore he’d never become…his father. Now only Jake has the power to stop the wheels he has put in motion before it destroys his life.The question is, does he want to?

Narrated by the talented Eric Michael Summerer, Jake is driven, arrogant and about to find out just how much trouble one phone call can get him into.