My book comes out this year!

The transition to a new decade is a big deal. And we welcomed 2020 in style; sipping champagne in our hotel room in Mexico while the kids slept and fireworks we couldn’t see boomed from down the beach. It was truly special.

In all seriousness though, the best part of welcoming this particular new year was that once the clock hit 12:00 I got to say these magical words:

“My book comes out this year.”

It was an incredible feeling to say those words aloud. It all still feels so surreal. I keep thinking that eventually, it will become more normal to acknowledge the fact I have a book coming out this year, but so far it hasn’t.

Anytime someone congratulates me, my default response is still: “Thanks. It’s just so crazy.”

It’s not crazy. I know in my brain it’s not crazy. I’m a good writer. I worked hard on this book. I did the work necessary to get to this point. Even knowing all that, I still keep downplaying my own accomplishment.

I look forward to the day I stop doing that. Maybe on release day? Maybe tomorrow? Maybe never?

Who knows…but whenever it happens, whenever that day comes, it won’t change one fact:

My book comes out this year.

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