Review: Shoulder Season by Christina Clancy

I was a big fan of Clancy’s debut novel THE SECOND HOME and her sophomore novel did not disappoint. 

After losing her parents, Sherri Taylor makes a very out of character decision to become a bunny at The Playboy Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Young and impressionable, Sherri is pulled into a world that is far outside her comfort zone and is forced to make decisions and choices that have lasting ripple effects. 

SHOULDER SEASON is ultimately a coming of age story about a young woman trying to learn how to love herself without needing the approval and acceptance of anyone else. 

It is clear the author did a lot of research into the lives of the bunnies and I appreciated all of the details. It was also interesting to get the juxtaposition of the small town, mid-West mentality and the glitz and glam of the Playboy empire in the 80s. 

SHOULDER SEASON features a large cast of supporting characters so there is always someone to love and someone to hate. With crisp writing and great pacing, Clancy pulls you so fully into a scene that it’s easy to imagine you are there with the characters. 

I highly enjoyed this book and recommend you pick up a copy when it comes out in July 2021. While you’re waiting you should definitely check out Clancy’s first book, THE SECOND HOME

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for the advance reading copy.

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