Review: Someone Just Like You by Meredith Schorr

You know an author has done something really right when you find yourself simultaneously amused, frustrated (in a good way) and filled with anticipation for what’s to come. Meredith Schorr strikes that balance perfectly in her sophomore romance novel. 

Jude and Molly’s families have always been close. So close that the two of them were pretty much raised like siblings and even now as adults, they still manage to get under each other’s skin like only a sibling can. When they’re pulled into planning an anniversary party for both their sets of parents, their incessant teasing and juvenile pranks can only lead to one place…trouble.

The banter in this novel is top-notch as is the tension between Molly and Jude. They’re both navigating real adult problems and that made them both so much more relatable as they also continued to torment each other in a true enemies to lovers fashion. The secondary characters add so much depth to the story. The siblings, the friends, the parents, the dogs…I loved them all.

SOMEONE JUST LIKE YOU is available now

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