Review: Forever Hold Your Peace by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

Olivia and Zach meet while on vacation in Italy. Olivia is about to start law school and wasn’t planning on falling in love but when Zach sweeps her off her feet, she can’t help but say yes to his proposal. When they return home, Olivia & Zach bring their four parents (all divorced) together for a “get to know you brunch” except it turns out they already know each other and from there everything just gets more complicated. 

The impact this surprise engagement and reunion causes for all the characters is nuanced and the authors do a fabulous job of helping us understand their reactions, even if we don’t agree with them. I especially loved the way the mothers competed with each other to plan the “perfect” wedding for their children. It was so relatable and heartbreaking. 

FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE is a story about family, friendship and second chances. Oh…and love of course. It’s a laugh out loud funny novel that will also have you reaching for the tissues.

FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE is available now. Learn more HERE.

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