Review: Burlington by Heather Dixon

In her impressive debut novel, Heather Dixon delivers an engrossing thrill ride of a read that’s very  Big Little Lies meets The Stepford Wives with a whole lot of twists thrown in for good measure. 

Mae Roberts thought she’d be living her dream life in the suburbs but after one of the moms—the only one who made any kind of attempt to get to know Mae—disappears she has to question if moving to Burlington was a good idea. When she finds herself finally admitted into the inner circle of Riverpark Elementary’s exclusive clique, she learns the deeper truth about these women and the web of lives they’ve all woven. And then another mom disappears…

This fast paced story pulls you into Mae’s world where no one speaks the truth and everyone has something to hide. It’s a story about trying to fit in, feeling alone in the act of motherhood, and how far someone will go to protect what they think is important. 

BURLINGTON is the perfect suburban mom suspense with lots of tension and misdirection that will have you guessing all the way through to the end. 

BURLINGTON is available now.

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