Review: Wedding of the Season by Lauren Edmondson

Delightfully juicy and insightful, WEDDING OF THE SEASON touches on themes such as money and class with so much heart. The characters are written with care and so completely fleshed out, you feel like you’re experiencing the story alongside them. 

Where Edmondson really shines, however, is in the setting. Newport becomes a character of its own, a living breathing entity that adds depth and nuance to this story about a woman returning to her home town for her sister’s engagement party. While back in Newport Cass Coventry must confront her own past and deal with the emotions that have risen back to the surface. 

If you like family drama, you won’t want to miss WEDDING OF THE SEASON. My thanks to Graydon House for the advance reading copy. 

WEDDING OF THE SEASON is available now. Learn more HERE.

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