Review: Wherever the Wind Takes Us by Kelly Harms

Kelly Harms is one of those rare authors who create characters and stories that are so poignant and emotional, you find yourself thinking about them days later. For me, this was especially true of Becca Larkin in WHEREVER THE WIND TAKES US. 

After 20+ years of marriage, Becca can no longer justify being married to a man she doesn’t respect. When she unexpectedly gets possession of a sailboat in the divorce, she decides to sell it and sail the “Becky Ann” from Maine to Miami to deliver it to the new owner. Unfortunately, Becca doesn’t know the first thing about sailing but her daughter Liv does and what better way to bond with your child than to travel together, right?

Becca and Liv are accompanied by a handsome (and complicated) love interest in the form of a sailing instructor named Grant and over the course of the trip, Becca learns a lot about herself and begins to imagine what her life could look like if she put her own needs and desires first.

WHEREVER THE WIND TAKES US is a genuinely heartfelt and funny story about hope, bravery and the joy that can be found just beyond our greatest fears. 

This five-star gem of a book releases October 18, do yourself a favour and pre-order your copy today. Thank you to Lake Union Publishing for the advance copy.

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