Review: The Truth About Ben and June by Alex Kiester

In THE TRUTH ABOUT BEN AND JUNE, Ben wakes up one morning to find his infant son crying in his crib and his wife, June, nowhere to be found. A suitcase is missing, but nothing else seems out of the ordinary. Did June leave by choice or did something happen to her?

By telling the story in alternating chapters from Ben and June’s perspectives, readers are really shown two very different sides of the same story and the author is able to build suspense and tension as we learn what really happened with June.

There is a mystery element to this book but I think it’s really about the little secrets people hide from each other and how they can build up into something much bigger. It’s about the difficult choices women have to make about having kids or not having kids and the impact those decisions have on every aspect of their lives—career, marriage, self-worth and mental health. It’s about how women can feel pressured to make decisions that no man will ever have to make, and how differently the fallout is felt afterwards.

As an author it’s scary to write about topics that people feel deeply about because you know not everyone will agree with your character’s choices and motives. But from my perspective—as a mother and a woman—I think Kiester does a fabulous job tackling all of the emotional elements in this book in an honest and balanced way.

THE TRUTH ABOUT BEN AND JUNE is one of my favourite reads of the year and I highly recommend you pick up a copy.

This book is now available at book sellers everywhere. Learn more about the author HERE.

Perfect backyard reading companion.

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