Review: All the Dirty Secrets by Aggie Blum Thompson

Fast-paced and impossible to put down, ALL THE DIRTY SECRETS is one of those rare dark and twisty thrillers that will have you guessing all the way to the final page.

Liza Gold is shocked when she learns her teenage daughter’s best friend has died in a drowning accident during Beach Week, especially when she lost her own best friend in the same manner nearly 30 years earlier. As Liza tries to help Zoe deal with the fallout from her friend’s death, she begins to question what happened to her own best friend all those years ago.

Thompson does a brilliant job of transitioning between the two timelines and building so much tension that you can’t help but keep turning pages until the final, shocking conclusion. 

With this incredible follow up to her equally twisty debut – I DON’T FORGIVE YOU – Thompson has firmly established herself as a must read author. Make sure you pick this one up when it releases on July 12. 

My thanks to Macmillan/Tor-Forge for the advance reading copy.

Get your copy HERE.

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