A Chance To Reconnect

Even though it feels a bit like groundhog day (aka 2020 again!), my calendar assures me that it is, in fact, 2022. I’ve never been big about celebrating the launch of a new year—I don’t like to make resolutions and have always found that if I pick a word for the year, I’ve often forgotten it by March—but I’m approaching this year with a different attitude.

This year, I’m all about a fresh start. The pandemic has really taken it out of me (as I’m sure it has to all of you) and I want to regain my happiness. I want to focus on making positive changes and embracing life. On trying to see the positive and letting go of things that hold me back. I want to search for more good stories to counter the bad so I can be reminded of the humanity and love in the world, instead of the disillusionment and conflict that feels like it’s becoming more and more pervasive. 

My husband and I watched My Octopus Teacher recently and there was a scene where the subject of the documentary was talking about his deep connection to the ocean and the animals in it. He was so certain of his bond with nature, of how vital it was to his very soul, I found myself filled with a need to feel that same kind of connection myself. But maybe in a way that doesn’t involve swimming in frigid waters. 

So that’s my goal for the year, to re-connect with the world I have become disconnected from after nearly two years of lockdowns and social distancing. A small, optimistic part of me hopes there will be some traveling in my future because as much as I love my province, I’m ready to see some new landscapes and meet new people.

I’m not saying I’m picking a word for 2022 but, if I was…I’d pick two. Connection and Joy. ❤️

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