Review: The Secrets of Cedar Farm by Carissa Ann Lynch

Whenever I want to lose myself in a thriller that will grab me by the throat and never let go, I know I can turn to Carissa Ann Lynch. Her latest novel did just that. 

THE SECRETS OF CEDAR FARM is spooky and mysterious, with a cast of characters who never quite reveal their true motives and a creepy farmhouse that becomes a character of its own.

Having lost custody of her young daughter, Gemma, to distant relatives when she was sent to rehab, Norah is now in recovery and wants her back. Returning to Cedar Farm for the first time since her own childhood, Norah discovers that her odd and slightly creepy Aunt Sara and Uncle Francis, aren’t willing to let Gemma go without a fight.

Lynch masterfully weaves together a story about family secrets in a way that kept me guessing all the way through. She also handled the topic of addiction and recovery with great care and honesty. From the stigma that follows Norah, to the emotional toll of her daily battle to stay clean, Lynch paints a vivid picture of her struggles.

Fast-paced and full of twists, THE SECRETS OF CEDAR FARM is a story about motherhood, family, redemption and forgiveness. Get your copy on January 29. 

Thank you to Harper Collins for my advance reading copy.

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