Review: The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

With THE BODYGUARD, Katherine Center has delivered another compulsively readable book full of heart and hope that also delivers laugh out loud moments on every page. She has also gifted us with characters who, despite being an executive protection agent (fancy term for bodyguard) and an uber famous movie star, are completely relatable! Hannah and Jack are flawed and human and snarky and fun. Their banter is top-notch and the story pulled me in from the beginning. 

I knew I would enjoy this book, but I really didn’t expect to love it this much. Thank you for this story, Katherine…it was beautiful.

THE BODYGUARD doesn’t come out until July but you should pre-order it now so you can dive in the moment it releases. You really don’t want to wait.

My thanks to St. Martin’s Press for the advance reading copy.

Learn more about the author HERE.

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