Review: The Perfect Family by Robyn Harding

Robyn Harding is a must-read author for me and she once again had me riveted from the start with her latest thriller.

THE PERFECT FAMILY tells the story of the Adler family, who look perfect from the outside but behind closed doors, all of them are keeping secrets. When their house becomes the target of several acts of vandalism, each of them must face their hard truths, and come together as a family, before the attacks become deadly. 

You barely have time to take a breath between shocking revelations as the book moves at breakneck speed along a twisty path to an ending I didn’t see coming. No topic is off the table as Harding takes readers behind the closed doors of suburbia and into the heart of modern family dynamics. This is character-driven domestic suspense at it’s very best. 

My thanks to the publisher for the advance reading copy.

THE PERFECT FAMILY releases on August 10, pre-order your copy HERE.

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