Review: The Tribes by Mari Howes

Compulsive, addictive, and shocking, THE TRIBES is a must-listen audiobook that hooks listeners from the start and never lets go. 

Told through the dual perspectives of Heather, a young college co-ed, who abandons her modern life to join The Messiah’s Tribe and Abby, a tenacious criminal defense attorney, the story begins with a 911 call and a report of a dead newborn. The police eventually charge Heather with the murder of her son and Abby finds herself digging deep into a world she doesn’t understand, searching for answers. 

Through her crisp writing and deep character exploration, Mari Howes slowly reveals Heather’s past and takes listeners on a journey towards the truth. I was absolutely fascinated by the subject matter and found myself finding extra chores to do so I could keep listening. 

THE TRIBES is a dark and engrossing novel about power, vulnerability and trust that will have you riveted from start to finish.

Just like my own novel, this fantastic debut is available only on Audible. Download your copy HERE.

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