What a Year It Has Been

April is a big month in our house as our girls have birthdays just six days apart. When I found out my book baby was to be released in the same week as both of their birthdays, it felt like fate. All of the best things in my life arrive in April.

Then the pandemic hit and as I cancelled my planned book launch celebration and my girls gave up any hope of birthday sleepover parties, we all took solace in the fact that we would surely be back to normal by the time their next birthdays came around. Oh to be young and naive again. 

I can’t quite believe that I’m about to mark one year since the day I got to call myself a published author. Debuting in a pandemic certainly wasn’t ideal but releasing my first book will always be an accomplishment I’m immensely proud of. It took hard work, determination and just a little bit of luck to get me there. I liked the feeling of sharing my words with the world and I want to feel it again. 

Over the past year, I have really focused on my craft, determined to make sure each new book I write is better than the one before. In 2020, I finished two complete novels that I adore and I really hope to have the chance to share them with you soon. Hope being the key word, because here is something else I learned from my debut year: nothing is for certain.

In the publishing world, there is much that is out of my control and I have to learn to accept that and focus on what I can control. Writing.

Recently I received the most incredible review from a reader. It read: “My new favourite author. I have three words for Kelly Duran…. WRITE. MORE. BOOKS.”

The people have spoken, and it’s back to the writing cave I go.

Happy 1st book birthday to me. ❤️

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