Review: Waiting for a Star to Fall by Kerry Clare

This smart and insightful novel is, on the surface, a story about politics. In actual fact, it is a story about the complexity of relationships and the things we do for the people we love.

Told in a dual timeline narrative, WAITING FOR A STAR TO FALL, starts at the midpoint and jumps between past and present as the story unfolds. Beginning the book at a point where the protagonist is still processing her own reality, gives the reader genuine insight into her emotional struggle. Since Brooke doesn’t yet know how she feels about what has happened, the reader doesn’t either and that allows both character and reader to come to their own conclusion along the way.

Clare tackles the subject matter of political scandal and the #MeToo movement in a skilled and nuanced manner and pulls no punches. While we have all heard many real-life stories similar to what Brooke and Derek experience, we very rarely learn anything past the salacious headlines. But here, the author takes us past the headlines and into the hearts and minds of the people involved.

With her witty and crisp narrative style, Clare delivers a thought-provoking and timely read that may have you shaking your fist in frustration while nodding with understanding.

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