Truth: after making great headway with my next book during my recent writing retreat, I’ve been stuck.

My characters stopped talking to me. Imposter syndrome washed over me in a big way. Everything I tried to write was crap. It got to the point where I fel like throwing this book—that I had loved so much—into the trash and starting over.

Then I attended the virtual Surrey International Writers Conference and things changed.

Four days of inspiring sessions helped me focus on craft and get back to the basics of my story. I was reminded to ask the question “Why should I care?” and finally managed an answer.

Last night, with a cup of tea & slice of cake as my support crew, I ripped my outline apart and started to rebuild it.

And I felt it again.

That spark of joy.

That surge of adrenaline when a story starts to really come together.

When I was done putting the outline back together, my main character finally spoke to me again.

“Let’s do this,” Maggie said. “Let’s tell my story.”

NaNoWriMo starts on Sunday and, thank god, I think now I might actually be ready. 🤞✍️

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