Review: The Secret French Recipes of Sophie Valroux by Samantha Vérant

This was a wonderfully rich and emotional debut novel that provided a welcome escape into a magical world of culinary riches and captivating characters. 

With lyrical writing and perfect pace, Vérant transports readers seamlessly from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan to the decidedly slower-pace of life at the château. As a top chef, Sophie’s story is all about the food and you can hear, smell and, yes, taste everything right alongside her. I have never been hungrier—especially for cheese—when reading a novel.

Supported by a cast of charismatic and engaging secondary characters, led by the fierce and opinionated Grand-Mère Odette, Sophie battles to regain her confidence both in her cooking and her life. Along the way the author tackles several serious topics without making it too heavy or hard to read.

The reasons behind Sophie Valroux’s fall from culinary grace at a top-rated New York eatery are nearly as infuriating as the fact that the industry doesn’t give her a chance to fight back. Her decision to escape the negative spotlight by travelling to her Grand-Mère’s château in the South of France has her facing secrets from her past and her own self-doubt head on.

THE SECRET FRENCH RECIPES OF SOPHIE VALROUX had me riveted from page one and saying “just one more chapter” until it was done. I highly recommend you get yourself a copy right now!

Learn more about the author by reading my Q&A with Samantha Vérant.

Sophie alongside a few other 2020 Debuts

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