Path to Publication: First Listen

Admittedly my path to publication has been slightly different given that my book is coming out exclusively as an Audible Original audiobook. While some of the steps have been the same there have been some that are very distinctly audio-only.

One of those is the first listen. I would equate this to the unboxing of the final copies of a printed book (I haven’t experienced that yet but the facial expressions are the same.) Grinning like an idiot, tearing up, saying oh my god over and over again. You get the idea…

This was the post I shared for that moment:

I expected hearing my words would be an incredible moment (and it was) but there were also a couple of moments that I didn’t expect would be impactful but were just the same…

Like hearing that iconic Audible voice saying my name:

I also loved hearing each different narrator start off their first chapter by saying the characters name. It was like meeting someone new each time. And no, I don’t have a favourite. How could you even ask me that?

And the last line got me all choked up. “Onwards.” she said. I felt like the character was saying that to herself and also to me. This is only the start of my journey and I am up for the challenge.

Overall I loved every moment of my journey to publication and so happy to launch my debut as an exclusive audibook. I hope you enjoy listening!

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