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Review: Bloomsbury Girls by Natalie Jenner

In this follow up to her incredible debut THE JANE AUSTEN SOCIETY, Natalie Jenner delivers a heartfelt story about the importance of friendship, the strength of love and the impact of the written word.  There is so much warmth and comfort in...

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Telling A Better Story About Myself

This morning I typed THE END on the first draft of my seventh novel. That means, in the past month, since I shared about not being able to write any words, I’ve written about 15,000. Ah the rollercoaster ride of a creative.  This book was a...

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Two Years

April marks the second anniversary of the release of my debut novel and these past two years have felt like an eternity or a blink of an eye depending on how I choose to look at it.  Since its release, many people have said wonderful...