Hello Friends! To thank you for letting me into your email inboxes each month, I’m excited to give you exclusive access to a brand new novella featuring the main characters from my debut novel!

Since CAN’T TAKE IT BACK released, I’ve had several people ask about what happened next for Holly, Zoe, Avery & Sasha. I was curious myself, so back in the Spring I took a break from my other projects and sat down to write a follow up.

It wasn’t hard to get pulled back into their world and this story just poured out of me. I love it and I hope you do too.

Enjoy this weekend at the seaside with Holly, Zoe, Avery & Sasha.

* Please note this book contains major spoilers for CAN’T TAKE IT BACK so make sure you listen to it first!

Holly, Sasha, Zoe and Avery are forever bonded by the events that changed their lives four years ago. Over the course of a long overdue girls weekend at their favourite rental beach house, they each come to realize there is much they haven’t been honest with each other about since then.

As their troubles and secrets begin to reveal themselves, the women find new purpose and strength in helping each other until one of them gets a text message that changes everything.

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