Kelly Duran

Writer. Marketer. Book lover. Drama hater. AM: Coffee. PM: Wine.

Reflections from my first SiWC

As my final workshop at my first SiWC – aptly named “Now What?” came to close I found myself feeling overwhelmed at the thought of trying to process what I had learned over the last three days. I was in pure information overload...

SiWC – Day 2

Another incredible day is done at the Surrey International Writers Conference and my primary thought all day has been…why did I wait so long to do this? This is a rhetorical question. My self-confidence kept me from going. Or – more...

SiWC – Day 1

For about 2 years now – since I did my first NaNoWriMo – I have been thinking about attending the Surrey International Writers Conference.  I had made myself a deal. Finish the book. Attend the Conference. And so today – with a...

So Much Support

After that, there were texts and phone calls. Emails and voicemails. All with words of encouragement and support. Many with offers to read and give feedback.