Review: You Can’t Catch Me by Catherine McKenzie

Wow! This book was an absolute thrill ride that kept me guessing from beginning to end. I absolutely devoured Catherine’s last book – I’LL NEVER TELL – and she takes the twists and turns up several notches further in YOU CAN’T CATCH ME.

Jessica Williams has endured a lot of drama in her life including surviving being raised in a cult. In the real world she finds success as a journalist only to be discredited and fired for plagiarism.  Choosing to escape the scandal by heading to Mexico on vacation she is befriended by another Jessica Williams at the airport bar. But this Jessica isn’t interested in friendship, she’s after money. Returning from her vacation to find her bank accounts empty, Jessica One starts off on a journey to find the imposter and get even.

There are so many intricate layers to the story that on their own could carry an entire novel but woven together by McKenzie they perfectly craft a taut, fast-paced and highly readable novel.  YOU CAN’T CATCH ME is a perfect summer read. 

Thanks to Simon & Schuster Canada for the advance reading copy.

YOU CAN’T CATCH ME is available now in the US and releases on August 18 in Canada. Get your copy at

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