My First Window Display

I came home tonight to find my husband and youngest daughter both smiling like the cat that caught the canary.

“Should we tell her?” he asked.

“Definitely,” she said.

“What are you two up to?” My curiosity was definitely piqued now.

“I put a surprise for you in the Christmas Village,” my husband responded. “You need to find it.”

This is our Christmas Village.


I looked and looked but could see nothing different about it. Nothing new. Nothing out of the ordinary.

“Look closer,” my daughter urged. Her excitement was palpable. She couldn’t handle it. “Look at the bookshop!”

And that’s when I saw it. The best gift ever. Thanks to the efforts of my amazing husband my debut novel is in the window of a bookshop. 📖 ‬

‪The bookshop in our own Christmas Village to be precise. 😍


‪Look at those teeny tiny copies of CAN’T TAKE IT BACK. I can’t even…😭

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